Four layers of technical fabrics create a durable and hygienic yoga surface.

Four layers of carefully selected fabrics are sewn together to create the i’mat1. The top layer wicks moisture away from your skin and pulls it into the center layers of the mat, while the bottom waterproof layer holds it in during your practice.

Suitable as a towel or a stand alone surface.

Use the i’mat1 in your hot yoga practice on a carpeted floor as a standalone surface. If you practice on a wood or hard floor, the i’mat1 is best suited as a towel over your traditional mat. Either as a mat or towel, the i’mat1 is a waterproof surface that protects the mat or studio floor beneath it.

Oversized surface area for comfort.

The i’mat1 measures 75 inches long by 28 inches wide versus a traditional mat that measures in at 72 inches long by 24 inches wide. Your whole body fits comfortably on the mat during floor postures and savasana.

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